Edward Laverack

Frábær lesning eftir “Guðföðurinn”

In presenting this little volume to the public they must not imagine I have written it through motives of vanity, to see my name in print, or to eulogise my own breed of dog.  Nothing of the sort.  I write it at the earnest and repeated solicitations of many of my friends and acquaintances.
I have ever been ‘going to do it’ for the last twenty years, but ever too lazy and unwilling to commence.  An old man now, over seventy-three years of age, in the “sear and yellow Leaf,” a sportsman from my early youth, and with more than half a century’s actual experience in breeding setters, perhaps my ideas on the subject may be received favorably, and even valued and appreciated by some.  I intend this little volume to be practical and instructive, but at the same time as concise as the subject will admit of.
I am not likely ‘to achieve greatness,’ or to have ‘greatness thrust upon me,’ as an author. I do not desire such a distinction; scribbling is not my forte, for I am not, and never have been, much given to the cacoethes scribendi.  In this case, though I admit the task is a wearisome one to me, on account of my advanced age, I must do my best to make myself clear and intelligible.
All that I am about to bring before the reader may be relied on; it is not from hearsay or theory, but from long and extensive EXPERIENCE.

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